Toyota Drive Cycle OBDII Readiness Monitors

Toyota has various OBD2 readiness monitors for emissions testing, and by conducting a Toyota Drive cycle, you can activate and ready the Toyota ODBII sensors. If your smog technician tells you the specific drive cycle to perform, you can focus on just triggering that drive cycle. Otherwise you need to exercise each of the types of monitors. You should not need to perform all 11 procedures – just those specific to your model. 

  1. EGR Monitor (All Except 1FZ–FE Engine)
  2. EGR Monitor (For 1FZ–FE Engine)
  3. Catalyst Monitor (O2S Type)
  4. Catalyst Monitor (AF Sensor Type)
  5. EVAP Monitor (Internal Pressure Monitor/Non–Intrusive Type)
  6. EVAP Monitor (Vacuum Pressure Monitor/Intrusive Type)
  7. EVAP Monitor (Without Leak Detection)
  8. EVAP Monitor (For Prius)
  9. Oxygen Sensor Monitor (Front and Rear O2S System)
  10. Oxygen/AF Sensor Monitor (Front AF Sensor and Rear O2S System)
  11. Oxygen/AF Sensor Heater Monitor

Source: Toyota’s 1996-2002 Readiness Monitor Guide for more detail

Toyota Drive Pattern 1 – EGR Monitor

Toyota Drive Pattern 2 – EGR Monitor

Toyota Drive Pattern 3 – Catalyst Monitor – O2S Type

Toyota Drive Pattern 4 – Catalyst Monitor – AF Sensor Type

Toyota Drive Pattern 5 – EVAP Monitor – Internal Pressure – Non Intrusive

Toyota Drive Pattern 6 – EVAP Monitor – Vacuum Pressure Monitor – Intrusive

Toyota Drive Pattern 7 – EVAP Monitor – Without Leak Detection

Toyota Drive Pattern 8 – EVAP Monitor – Prius

Toyota Drive Pattern 9 – Oxygen Sensor Monitor – Front and Rear O2S System

Toyota Drive Pattern 10 – Oxygen Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Monitor – Front AF Sensor and Rear O2S System

Toyota Drive Pattern 11 – Oxygen – AF Sensor Heater Monitor

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