Honda and Acura Drive Cycle

The Honda Drive Cycle is included in recent owners manuals. You can either use an OBDII scanner or, if one is not available, check the MIL (check engine light) because Honda/Acura will indicate, on vehicle startup of the readiness monitors are set.

Using the Check Engine Light to Confirm Readiness

When you turn the ignition to On-2 without starting the engine, the MIL will come on for 20 seconds. If the MIL turn off again, then the readiness monitors are set. If they blinks five times, the readiness monitors are not set and you need to conduct the Honda Acura Drive Cycle for smog check readiness. (Note: At A Star Smog, we will use an OBDII scanner to conduct a smog precheck).

Drive Cycle Prerequisites

The gas tank should be 3/4 full and the vehicle has been stopped with the motor off for 6 hours or more. Ensure the air temperature is approximately 40° and 95°F.

Drive Cycle for the Honda/Acura Vehicle

  1. Start the motor and keep the car idle for 20 seconds. Don’t touch the accelerator.
  2. Rev the engine to 2000 RPM for 3 minutes. The temperature should be at 1/3 of the scale or higher.
  3. Idle for 20 seconds again.
  4. Go to a highway and drive between 50-60mph for 20 minutes. You should be in D or 5th gear. Don’t utilize cruise control. At some point in the journey, coast for 90 seconds (take your foot off the accelerator).
  5. Conduct city driving for 10 minutes, and during this time, perform some coasting.
  6. Once completed, let the vehicle turn off and sit for 30 minutes with the engine off.

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