Smog Checks Are The Law… But Is There A Bigger Picture?

California state law requires that your vehicle pass regular smog checks depending on the year it was made and the type of vehicle it is. The majority of us are responsible drivers and adhere to this rule, the rest of us have learned the hard way what will happen if you can’t register your automobile due to financial hardships or simply not making it a priority to visit a local Smog Check Station.
A Star Smog Blog: Smog Checks… Advocates for clean air

Without passing smog check, you can’t register your vehicle, forcing you to drive illegally if you do continue to drive with expired tags, you will get pulled over, and your car will end up in the impound lot. This will cost you nearly 10x what a simple smog check would cost.

If your card is up, and the time of year is approaching to register your car, find out if you need a smog check and make an appointment. Just get it done. This is a fast and painless procedure, and with discounts like A Star Smog provides, it’s cheap! We all live busy lives and often just go through the motions when it comes to federally mandated requirements such as smog checks; Never really considering the bigger picture of why this is a law.

First, imagine if no one was required to smog their vehicles. What would the freeways look like? What would your neighborhood look like? How would it affect traffic? How many cars would break down on the road? You have to look at the bigger picture, the air your children breath would be increasingly toxic every year and the midnight sky that they see would be filled with pollution and pretty soon no child will ever see a starry night.

A Star Smog Check Station is located in Antioch and we believe in making your car safer, getting you back on the road legally and as quickly as possible, and more than anything, protecting the environment from automobile fumes and toxic air. The bigger picture is keeping our communities as clean as possible and setting a good example for our children who will inherit our habits and the air we leave behind for them to breath.

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