Get The Facts… Antioch Smog Check Laws!

Antioch, Brentwood, and Oakley Smog Check Guidelines… 

How do I know if my vehicle is up for a smog inspection? 

Vehicles registered in Alameda County, Solano County, and Contra Costa County, are currently mandated to provide proof of periodic smog certifications (legally every two years). Federal laws require drivers to produce official evidence of a smog inspection certification on-site when they go to renew annual vehicle registration.

If you don’t have the proper STAR Program smog certification, you will be immediately turned away at the DMV and forced to go through the entire process that is the Department of Motor Vehicles once again… something we can all agree is a chore we try to keep to once a year if possible!

Before you take time off work or out of your busy day to renew your registration, make sure you have everything you need before walking in to the DMV!

Do you have a vehicle that hasn’t required a smog check in Brentwood or smog inspection in Antioch yet?

Don’t waste a trip to the DMV assuming you will never need to produce smog inspection and certification to register your automobile. The California DMV does require that owners of vehicles six or less model years old will pay an annual smog deduction fee for the first six registration years instead of being required to provide the alternative periodic smog certification. (To learn more about your vehicle’s smog requirements specific to the make, model, and year, visit

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