Benefits of China’s Smog & Air Pollution?

It’s Hazardous & Dangerous… But China Journalist Still Assert Smog Air Pollution Can Actually Benefit The Health Of Citizens…

Bay Area native, Andri Antoniades, journalist and medical writer, published a humorous take on China’s approach to the air pollution reaching far above the WHO’s (World Health Organization) hazardous levels to human health.

Her article states, “According to an op-ed published by the country’s state-run media network, CCTV, smog is actually making Chinese residents smarter, funnier, and more informed.” Read the full article and #TakeAction @

The article goes on to outline the “benefits” of China’s widespread air pollution. The op-ed Antoniades is referring to in her article was written by journalist Wang Lei where he outlines how smog air pollution is actually benefitting the health of citizens. You are probably wondering how he was able to come up with 5 benefits…  Journalist Antoniades listed the findings in her article, which are also copied below:

1. Smog unites people against a common enemy.
2. It promotes equality, because it harms the lungs of both the rich and the poor.
3. Smog has opened people’s eyes to the price China has to pay for becoming the “world’s factory.”
4. It’s made people funnier because they have to use sarcasm and jokes to cope with it.
5. Learning about smog has increased people’s knowledge of meteorology, history, geography, and physics and even strengthened everyone’s use of the English language.

The highly respected journalist notes that this op-ed is simply, “what has to be one of the more stunning attempts to turn lemons into lemonade.”

*Photo: China Stringer Network/Reuters

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